Finally, an elite program that helps players get back to serious training after a disruptive 2020 with lockdowns and restrictions. This camp will give students every opportunity to reconnect with the game that they love and fast-track their results before the season restarts.


After the crazy year we've all had when the world first experienced the impacts of Covid-19, it is our children and teens who likely took it the hardest.

Sudden restrictions that lead to severe lockdowns in Victoria meant that suddenly there was no basketball for any of us.

Things got so bad, that there was a time when the public parks were shut down, which meant that we couldn't even shoot around.

It was tough! It was brutal! And we get it...

We totally understand just how difficult it was for all of us - especially the youth being forced to be homeschooled without any basketball for months on end...


The good news is, we got through it and now basketball is back!



But here's the thing - after such a long break from basketball it has been hard getting back in shape, eating right and re-learning the fundamental skills that is necessary to be an all-round great player.

Some players had to get right back into it and straight into Rep and Domestic training or tryouts.


Others were graduating high-school or primary school, and getting ready for yet another major life change.


Some players went straight back to competing and even participated in 3-on-3 comps and AAU tournaments.


While there are so many others who still haven't started to play.


This is why during the Summer Holidays, we are hosting a Skills Camp for players aged 10 and up.


It is time to not only get back in shape, but also time to get their heads back in the game.

If 2020 taught us anything, it certainly taught us to build a strong mindset and to persevere no matter what!

And that's why MINDSET will be the focus of this camp, together with an intensive skills training program to whip them back into shape!



During this upcoming camp, players will have a chance to fall in love with basketball again, remembering exactly why they started to play in the first place.

Our camp program will be intense with a detailed curriculum designed specifically to help players fast-track their results, while still having a 'ball'.


Yes pun intended! LOL 😂

We will push them beyond their limits to help them realise their own potential and to remind them of their greatness on the court.

Our goal is simple. We just want to help them be the best that they can be (both on and off the court). And throughout the process, players will feel re-energised, focused and READY for game-time, while re-igniting their passion for basketball.

It's a WIN/WIN for all!


NEXT EXtraordinary





$99 (normally $127)

The NXT Camp is designed for serious and experienced basketball players who want to take advantage of the school holidays to reach their peak performance.


It is an intensive camp led by Kareem Drayton, that consists of 45% skills training, 30% game play and 25% fitness.

DATE: Tuesday 19 January 2021

TIME:  9:00AM to 3:30PM

LOCATION: Rowville, Victoria


Skills Training focused on Ball-Handling, Footwork and Shooting.

Game-like experience, breakdowns and a refresher on the 'fundamental' skills

Intensive program designed for experienced players

A digital Certificate upon completion


How to build a range of skillsets from ball-handling, to footwork and shooting mechanics.

How to be even more explosive, with tips from sports science expert.

How to build the ability to instinctively play the game and adapt to any situation that comes up.

Insight on how some of the greatest players leveraged fundamental skills using the correct footwork to consistently create plays.

Expert advice for conquering your nerves and stepping onto the court with 100% confidence.

Examples of game situations, with detailed explanations on how to execute specific skills, and movement.



It all started in Kareem’s junior high days when he was told (one too many times) that he wasn’t tall enough!

Kareem was certainly not going to sit back and take that. He decided to prove everyone wrong and recreated himself as an all-round dominant player.

Competing against taller, faster and elite players in New York; Kareem learnt quickly that he had to put in the time to develop his skills so that he could become explosive on the court, regardless of his size.

Raised by a single mother in the roughest parts of Brooklyn, Kareem learnt early on to be resilient in any circumstance (both in life and on the court) and throughout his childhood, he built an incredible mindset for survival. He couldn’t afford personal coaching to help him transform into a great player; instead he created his own series of ball handling, shooting and coordination drills that he practiced for hours, every single day, outdoor regardless of the heat, rain, or snow. He understood the power of hard work, repetition and the impacts of paying attention to every detail. His results were unmatched!


By the time Kareem was in high school, he had developed a killer jump shot and secured his spot as a starter on the school team. He quickly became known for his crafty moves, his ball handling and for shooting the lights out!

At last! Kareem’s performance was a huge contribution to a win in the state championship. Not only did he become an effective player, but now regarded a ‘valuable’ player who took risks and created big plays.

Kareem is super excited to pass on 25 years of his basketball experience and knowledge with students who want to elevate their game during lockdown via our Virtual Hoops Lab. This 6-week program has been designed for advanced players who want a career in basketball and sequentially developed to help students maximize results, in a short amount of time.

Kareem and Jo at Envision have been amazing for my daughter Latysha.


We have been with Envision Academy for 6 months now and our daughters confidence and belief in herself has increased.


Kareem has amazing skills and he breaks down the skills so that our players understand not just how to do it but WHY and WHEN you would use it in a game situation.


Kareem and Envision have been especially awesome during COVID-19.


Doing online training has kept our daughter in the game, and kept her skills fresh and her mind alert.


Thank you for all you do. 



Erin Ibanez

Kareem and his partner J bring an incredible amount of knowledge and professional integrity to the game of basketball.


My child has benefited greatly from the multiple classes held per week with Kareem and his trainers. If you have a child who is serious about basketball and even has dreams to make it to the NBL or NBA, Kareem and his team will help make those dreams achievable! With the different curriculum and classes available, your child can learn different techniques and focus on specific targets they wish to reach such as shooting, playbooks and footwork activities.


Camps are also held each term which is an extra learning activity that is both fun and exiting for the kids to participate in. I love the flexibility that Kareem and J have for families and how they work with you and your budget.


I am so incredibly grateful to be a customer of theirs and cannot wait to see my child transform into the player he’s always dreamt of being. Thanks guys!

My son has been attending the Envision Virtual Hoops Program via Zoom for the past five (5) Weeks.

Kareem has delivered a very comprehensive program of footwork, ball handling, fitness, and theory
that is great for any basketball player.


In many of Kareem's exercises, there is an emphasis on
owning the move and being accountable for the player's body position or actions.

A workbook has accompanied the Zoom program to extend the players learning and thoughts about
the game regarding themselves.

Kareem has a vibrant delivery, a wealth of knowledge, and a massive passion for the game and his

I highly recommend Envision Basketball and congratulate them on a stellar program.

Envision Basketball is led by Kareem Drayton, certified 'I’m Possible' trainer from Brooklyn, New York. We cover the same skills curriculum used within the NBA/WNBA, designed to push players to their limits.

Our team deliver a range of camps throughout the South-East suburbs for elite basketball players who are serious about taking their game to the next level.

Our Virtual Hoops program is designed for advanced players between 12 to 18 years of age and structured in a format that every player can handle; regardless of age, gender or skill level.

Our key focus is to help student athletes further develop their skills, as we work on a variety of athletic components – speed, agility, vertical, core, flexibility and footwork. 


Kareem Drayton, combines 25 years of basketball experience with his passion for skills training and coaching.

He uses his solid mindset which he developed early on in life (while growing up in the roughest parts of Brooklyn), together with his innovative training formula to consistently help students enhance their game.


As a certified Skills Trainer and Global Innovator, Kareem was personally trained and mentored by NBA Skills Trainer, Micah Lancaster (founder of I'm Possible Training) who's trained Kyrie Irving, Karl-Anthony Towns, Dwayne Wade (to name a few). 


Kareem will personally deliver the 6-week virtual program where he'll teach advanced players all the best drills that he personally developed and fine-tuned over the years as a player, as well as a trainer and performance coach. 

Throughout high school, Kareem put in at least 785 hours of work into developing his skills training system. Since his high school and college days, you can only imagine how many more of hours he has invested in creating this system for his students to help them get faster results.


Countless of hours training, trying new things, testing the results and picking the best things to add to this 6-week curriculum.

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