Sione developed a strong passion for basketball since the very first day he played a game and has since been playing competitive basketball. Although Sione is new to basketball, he is by far not new to sports having played Rugby at a high competitive level. With a supportive community cheering him on, Sione has been consistently motivated and inspired to play basketball. His work ethic and inspiration led him to progress in his basketball career, taking him to compete in various tournaments against a multitude of elite players in USA. Receiving this level of support from his community has sparked a passion in Sione to give back to the community, where he has continued to work with children at his church. During his younger years, he gained invaluable experience as he played a big role in helping children develop their confidence and life skills, and has continued to be a valuable church member as an assistant coach for the boys U14 - U17 basketball team. He has continued to teach players the fundamental skills which he wished he had learnt much earlier in life. Today, as Sione continues to evolve as a player, his goal is to transition into a professional basketball. As a trainer with an outgoing personality and an eye for detail, Sione brings a lot of fun to the learning environment allowing all students to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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