Kareem Drayton, is our Program Director, certified Head Skills Trainer and founder of Envision Basketball. Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, Kareem has over 30 years of experience of playing basketball in USA and Australia, with extensive experience in teaching children and elite athletes. ​ Kareem and his team provide basketball training and valuable insight to all players of the game. Our group sessions teach rising stars of all ages and abilities, a variety of skills to bring to their game from shooting, to defense, to ball handling. ​​ Kareem's greatest inspiration comes from helping ballers to build a solid mindset using our 'envision' formula. His positive attitude with his humbling beginnings have led Kareem to deliver performance coaching sessions which relate to basketball and althetic performance topics. ​With Kareem's leadership, our team help players build skill sets together with a powerful mindset, allowing them to visualise a future of endless possibilities as professional athletes.

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